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Interview with Sinweldi (FRA)
am Dienstag 19 Februar 2008
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1. Salut Albert. Ca va? At first, please tell us something about your project "Sinweldi". When do you started with playing music? Which releases do have in that period? And so on ...

Salut. I have been playing music since I was a child. I play trumpet, guitar and a bit of keyboard. I had a cold wave band in  high school and I was always an fan of Industrial  music. I did an electronic project under the name “Mikn Undead” before taking a 5 years break away from music to concentrate more on sports. After the birth of my daughter, I have decided to come back to music. Sinweldi is  mainly a political and extreme right folk project. I fight against single-minded thinking and for freedom of expression.

2. You firstly name your band "Big Cocky Man Sinweldi". Whats the difference to the new sinweldi? So why do you choose this cocky-name and why do you changed the name recently?

I chose to take out « big cocky man » because it was misinterpreted. Certain people didn't understand the reference to one of France most important symbol, the Gallic cock. There is nothing comic or funny about my music. Sinweldi ( endless Forrest ) now corresponds better to my music and to a  more darker side recorded on the new album.

3. At December 18th you´ve played a concert in Lille, France. Can you please tell us something about this gig? How many people visited this concert, and how do we have to imagine the live performance of Sinwedli?

Indeed, we played at Neo-folk martial event organized by  «Chaos Cerebral » on December 18 at Lille but unfortunately we had bad weather all week. We were a bit disappointed by the show's low attendance. There isn't much of a Neo-folk fan base in France, there are a lot of good bands but not too many concert are being produced.  Right now, I'm the only one who is willing to do so. Also, the lyric content of my texts is giving some problems to promoters here in France because of the presence of some very active simple-minded anti-fascist groups.  In the end, the ambiance at the show was good even if we felt some tensions in the public during the night.

4. Your album "L'homme au Cœur de Fer" was released by the russian label UFA-Muzak. How do you satisfied with the work of this label? And why do choose UFA Muzak? Your last album was released by the german label Skull Line ... so why do switch to another label?

I'm good friends with Harry from Skull Line, who is distributing my new album but UFA Muzak corresponds more to the image of « l' homme au coeur de fer » and Russia is cooler with bonehead (laughs). Nickolay is doing great job even if the album is very badly distributed.

5. Your are involved by the netlabel "La Caverne Du Dragon", which release very good music, especially the "Tribute to the Dead Soldier Samplers". Why do you don´t press this music at CD or Vinyl? And what are the aims of "La Caverne Du Dragon"?

We have created «la caverne du Dragon» with Julien from Front Sonore and our friend Mikha, to give many martial and dark ambient groups an opportunity to be heard and to propose to the public, by free downloading, some new and already establish talents. This is a very effective way to help promote bands.

sinweldi_cd_cover.jpg sinweldi_cover.jpg

6. The Song "A travers l'Europe" of the "L'homme au Cœur de Fer" album was elected by an american radio station to be under the best 33 Neo Folk Songs 2009. Congratulation! I remember, that this song has a slowly keynote, which listen like some Hip Hop tracks. So, can you please tell us, how does the progression of a sinweldi song looks like and from where do you´ve got the ideas about the soundsamples of your songs?

I listen to several different genres of music; RAC, industrial, folk and rock. Sinweldi's sound is in perpetual evolution. I event wrote a pop rock piece for the compilation ''Andre Zeiten'' coming out this month on Skull Line.

7. Can you please explain our reader’s whats the content of your songs. Do you sing more about daily news or do you look more at the history?

In my texts, I denounce the New Economic Europe, liberalism, Zionism and the wounds inflicted to us by a modern world.  I take my references from current events and from history, always searching for an aesthetic closer to my ideological message.

8. In a roundmail you´ve told, that you wishes discussions about politically things. Where does the directness concerning politics comes? Especially the Neo Folk Scene works with many symbols and signs, but don´t talk about politics in the public.

In a previous interview I said that Neo-Folk and martial groups are using third Reich Symbols but do not assume what comes with it! Unfortunately, I believe that some bands are using them for commercial purposes, to impresses the teens and to sell them some cheap trills. Neo-Folk is by definition a music genre politically closer to the European extreme right ideas.

9. The Song "Is Europe dying?" contents words against the new world order and against the modern live. Whats the answer of this question, is europe really dying, or better, is the european culture dying? Do you see light at the horizon?

European culture is really in danger. In a near future, liberalism, the dumbing-down of the masses, immigration and globalization will have wiped out our culture. This is why I'm calling for rebellion in my songs.

sinweldi_band.jpg sinweldi_flyer.jpg

10. You are working many with symbols and speaks of the german third empire. Is it not unusual for a french man to glorify the period between 1933 and 1945 in that direction? Do you´ve got problems in France cause of this attitude? Please tell us, whats the basis for your interest about the politics at the time?

I was always fascinated  by the Second World War, like many of us, and more by the Axis than by the Allies. This is a very delicate subject to talk about. People in general get a more institutionalized, deformed or totally incomplete vision of this period. Some of our laws are very strict about this and certainly some of those laws do make my life harder.

11. In the last years France dominate the medias around the world, cause of two things. Firstly the marriage of your president with Carla Bruni and secondly the riots of the migrants in the cities of France. Can you please tell us something about the last point? What does the french people do and think, when the riots startet? And do you think, that your government did the wright things to control the migrants and the riots?

At the present time, in France, we don't have a real government. They are doing nothing to find some effective solutions to our problems with the projects and immigration. The migrants give them a much  more cheaper work force and the scum helps to keep the nation in fear. All this is already planned and wanted by the government.

12. You are member of the group "Le Front Gaulois". Can you please explain, whats the background of this alliance and does it gives action outside the internet of that group (magazines, concerts or something like else)?

The Front Gaulois is a symbol of belonging. I quote: ''Le Front Gaulois is against liberalism, political correctness, globalization, communism and any others threats against our people's survival''. We all work separately but we're all brothers. This is a interesting concept.

13. You are sending me your last album "L'homme au Cœur de Fer" at mp3. Why do you choose this form of presentation? Is it just for promo, or do you wishes a bigger circulation of your music, than UFA Muzak can do it with the pressed CD? So what do you think about the strictly limitation of CDs/vinyl?

The internet and mp3 are doing us some great services. Buying my albums is not always easy. All I really want is to spread my music and my message. The CD version helps me to finance my fight; now I know that my albums are being downloaded illegally, I find this very positive.

14. So I think thats enough for the moment. Please tell us something about the future of sinweldi. Upcoming releases, more gigs ... ?

We have a free album coming out this February on our «la Caverne du Dragon» label entitled «Sinweldi, Front Sonore et les Chevalier de l'ordre noir». It's a compilation of special tracks recorded with Front Sonore and Agnese and will also feature some remixes by groups such as Gabe Unruh and Militia Dei and rare tracks from Welding. I have already begun recording my next album which is going to be more rock. We have also one programmed concert date that is almost signed for a Neo-Folk festival in Greece.

15. Now you´ve got the time to end this interview with your own words.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. All forms of support are greatly appreciated and we are looking for concert dates in Germany.

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